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Every wonder how the smell in your cooler affects the freshness and quality of your food? Moisture, odours and gases released from fresh produce, meats and fish contribute to funky smells, as well as cross contamination, bacteria and mold growth. RD Fresh is a sustainable mineral filter unit that removes excess moisture, odours and gases from your cooler keeping your food fresher for longer and extending the shelf-life of your produce and ingredients. Submit the form below and we will contact you about your risk free 30 day trial of RD Fresh. Questions, please feel free to contact us by phone and we can walk through RD Fresh in the context of your operation with a free consultation.

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RD FRESH IS NEW TO BC. The 100% Natural Refrigeration Dehumidifier is administered on a monthly basis with no contracts. This means you can continue the service each month at your choice.  We are confident that RD Fresh will improve the safety, quality and freshness of your food, while reducing your costs.