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RD Fresh is a revolutionary 100% green mineral based technology that preserves your food, improves the quality of your ingredients, saves you money and reduces energy. It brings food service providers direct cost savings and energy reduction by absorbing moisture, gases and odours that lead to contamination, poor food quality and accelerated food spoilage.

With RD Fresh, keep your restaurant’s food fresher for longer, limit organic

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waste and see a ROI in food savings alone.

Benefits of RD FRESH


  • Increases the shelf life of your food up to 50%;
  • Absorbs up to 55% of its weight in humidity;
  • Reduces the transfer of food odours;
  • Reduces spread of bacteria and cross contamination by eliminating moisture from the food, air and cooler system;
  • Reduces cross contamination of foods by pulling out gases from the cooler that contribute to food spoilage;
  • Reduces refrigeration temperatures 3-5 degrees and costs up to 15% since dry air is easier to cool that moist air;
  • Reduces refrigeration cycles up to 25% by keeping the temperature regular. This extends the life of your compressor;
  • Lowers overall food costs and see an immediate and positive return on investment.

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